Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA) is a Los Angeles based feminist collective interested in identifying and sharing resources with other underserved artists. Our mission is to foster community among local artists to inspire action, opportunities and platforms to network, learn, educate, and empower. 


Eugenia Barbuc is an interdisciplinary artist, working in video, sculpture, drawing and installation. Her work focuses on traversing the landscape of otherness, queer discourse and personal/national histories.  She received her B.F.A. from Otis College of Art and Design. She has exhibited work at Echo Park Film Center, L.A.C.E. Gallery, The Situation Room and the DAC Gallery. She has also curated two shows in conjunction with the DAC Gallery and outsider artists. She currently works as the program manager for the Inglewood branch of the Exceptional Children’s Art Centers. She is an advocate for and mentor of artists with developmental disabilities. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


Alexis Alicette Bolter is a new media artist based in Los Angeles.  Through the lenses of social media and technology, her practice engages in an autofictive strategy to investigate the psychological implications associated with contemporary female identity.  Alexis holds a BA from Boston University in Art History and an MFA from California College of the Arts. She has exhibited her work at the Laband Gallery in Los Angeles, Southern Exposure in San Francisco, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) and various project spaces in and around the Bay Area. In addition to her art practice, Alexis was the co-director of the PLAySPACE Gallery, a curatorial project at CCA.  


Yasmine Diaz works with mixed media on paper, drawing, and collage to question and assert her distinctive experience as U.S. born feminist of Yemeni descent. The Los Angeles-based artist, whose previous work includes photography and oil painting, highlights themes of gender, bicultural identity, family, and shame in her current projects. Whether looking inward or focusing on shared experiences of others, her work is often inspired by her past.
Yasmine is also the Development Coordinator at Women In Film Los Angeles, a nonprofit that aims to tackle gender parity and promote equal opportunities in film, TV, and digital media.

Andrea Hidalgo is a LA based feminist, sculptress, drawer, reader, writer, welder, singer, lover, fighter, dancer, teacher, bisexual, biracial, prankster, jokester, superstitious, slightly psychic, stoic, sardonic Lady. Her work examines representations and alternatives of love, lust, sex, pleasure, sexuality, gender and power.  Questioning the ethos and pathos involved in performing identities and activities considered taboo, she is in a constant exploration of the agency that can be created through practicing what she is not supposed to be.

Andrea received her MFA from CalArts in 2013. She runs the Sculpture Lab at the University of California Riverside and teaches woodworking, metalworking, ceramics, mold making and casting. She excels at teaching students how to not cut off their fingers.


Ariana Page Russell is a visual artist and artist coach based in Los Angeles. Using her skin condition dermatographia, she creates images that explore skin as a document of human experience. She received her MFA in Photography from University of Washington, Seattle in 2005. Her artwork has been exhibited and published internationally, including Ireland, Toronto, Bolivia, Australia, Venezuela, England, China, Boston, Seattle and New York City.  Ariana is also the founder of Skintome, an online community of artists and dermatographics. She encourages artists to take their work to the next level by going deep into their experience and process, and she helps people with dermatographia navigate and treat the condition gracefully. She also photographs artwork for artists and gallerists.


Amelia Steely is a visual artist with a passion for spaces and the stories they tell. Her paintings and drawings use pattern to blend themes of domesticity, nature, and design to tell stories of objects and spaces. She studied Painting at Pratt Institute and New York Studio School, and she has exhibited her work in New York, California, Arizona, England, and Ireland. In 2015, she founded Critique Night, an ongoing monthly critique group for LA-based artists, through Women’s Center for Creative Work. Steely also works as a Production Designer for film, TV, and web. She recently designed the short film, Lucia: Before and After, which was awarded Sundance’s Jury Prize for US Fiction, and was selected for the Texas Shorts block at SXSW. She currently works from her studio in Frogtown, Los Angeles.