Separation at Tin Flats

Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen



August 10th - August 26th                                                                          Opening Reception August 10th 6pm-9pm                                                  Tin Flats - 1989 Blake Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Tin Flats + Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA) are pleased to present Separation.  The opening reception will be held on Friday, August 10th, 2018 from 6pm to 9pm, and the exhibition will remain on view through August 26th by appointment.

Fueled by the trauma unfolding at our borders, AVA has invited artists to respond to the current political crisis, while considering the ways in which separation has been wielded by authorities to continually suppress and divide our nation by gender, class, and ethnicity.  The works included in this exhibition ask the viewer to confront our complicit silence as we witness these representations of separation. Between these moments of division, we find distance and pause, providing space for reflection over these divisive events as they relate to their historical precedent as well as their unabashed resurgence in our current climate.  

Separation is a group exhibition featuring works by Ricardo Alzati, Gabbah Baya, Tasha Bjelić, Artemisa Clark with Angie Jennings, Armando Cortes, Ting Ying Han, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Thinh Nguyen, and Gazelle Samizay.